SHOWREEL is a series of books about audiovisual design. Compared to the discipline of “classic” design, I have in the past noticed a gap in the publishing market, when it was a question of presenting and discussing contemporary film and television design. SHOWREEL now wants to fill this gap, on a yearly basis, and so will offer all interested agencies, and those involved in design, marketing, film, production and training
courses, a cross-section of audiovisual design. We of course welcome all readers and viewers who are not professionals in this field.

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Bearing in mind the undeniable prominence of the theme of broadcast design and television branding, it seems strange that very little has been published on the matter.

The colossal speed at which the industry moves seems to leave little time for contemplation and reflection, which is a shame, as this is a fascinating area of audiovisual design, both in terms of content and technology, and has many interesting phenomena worth studying and applying in other contexts.

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So our attempt to describe a kind of meta-discipline called “audiovisual design” seems to have been successful, although we’d never claim to have been comprehensive…
Time has not stood still: the industry has continued to develop rapidly over the last two years. There are dynamic new companies on the market and fresh, talented designers constantly coming up with exciting new concepts and design ideas. We’re experiencing a renaissance of traditional, analogue production techniques in animation, and at the same time new generative processes in image generation are coming through; the

internet is increasingly taking the place of classic television as a distribution channel; SD is becoming HD and the traditional commercial is being replaced by branded content and virtual campaigns…

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Kromag 07 (Digital Magazine) - Article - Machine says: Yes

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Wörterbuch Design/Design Lexicon

The Wörterbuch Design (Birkhäuser) was edited by Michael Erlhoff and Tim Marshall. They asked me to write some articles on the topic of audiovisual design...

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PWC Whitepaper - Media Trend Outlook - Die Zukunft der Spielekonsole: Allrounder im Wohnzimmer 2014

Article "Ausbildung jenseits technischer Trends" (page 18).

Clash of Realities 2015/16

In this volume we have compiled the "minutes" of the Clash of Realities conferences of 2015 and 2016 - a thick tome with exciting texts by, among others: Janet H. Murray, David OReilly, Eric Zimmerman, Thomas Elsaesser, Lorenz Engell, Susana Tosca, Miguel Sicart, Frans Mäyrä, and Mark J.P. Wolf.

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